I’m a year 10 student that attends Emmanuel College. At school I was assigned to go to o2 Media for my work experience for one week.

I must admit that I was very nervous on my first day of work experience but when I was greeted by the lovely stuff that worked at o2 Media I become more relaxed and happy about the whole new experience. I was quite surprised on how big and bright the offices were. The whole space felt so relaxed and welcoming.

Before I started my work experience I was already interested in drawing and designing and after being at o2 Media my mind hasn’t changed. I still have plans on having a career in something similar to this field of work.

On my first day I was assigned to design a logo for someone who had just started up a mobile cafe in town. Designing the logo was hard but fun at the same time. During the week I was told to designed a magazine cover and I’m still very happy with how that turned out.

The whole experience so far has been very enjoyable and I’m glad that I did work experience at o2 Media.

By Renee Hirst

Illustration completed by Renee during her time at o2 Media