Of course I can understand why some business owners don’t see the value in professional photography.

I mean it’s not like people judge a book by its cover, nobody wants to see who the person behind the business is, and I’m pretty sure that when visiting a website, people don’t even look at the images – they usually just like reading through pages and pages of text … so much text. Amirite?

Errr, NO.

Research tells us that the consumer of 2016 seeks the authenticity behind a brand. Our culture is becoming increasingly visual. That paired with the prediction that by 2020, customers will manage 85 percent of their relationship with an enterprise without interacting with a human, proves that the visual image is going to get a whole lot more power.

If you invest in some good, professional images that bring your product or services to life, you’re already one step ahead of your competitors.

Take one of our recent projects at o2Media for example. We worked with client, Neil Hammond to build a new identity for his farm consulting business, Breakthrough Farming Solutions. We arranged for a professional photographer to take a suite of photos, including some of Neil interacting with his clients in an everyday setting. These photos were then used to bring Neil’s website to life.

When used on website, social media or marketing materials professional photos can:

  • Portray the recognisable local area

  • Showcase the various services that Neil offers in realistic situations

  • Are authentic and engaging

  • Give a professional appearance

  • Show potential clients the faces of those people behind the business

  • Give Neil and his business credibility

These images have also provided Neil a selection of photography to use on his other marketing collateral. When compared to the cost of purchasing 300+ stock images, the investment in professional photography is unparalleled.

So the next time you whip out your iPhone to take a selfie for your professional LinkedIn profile or website, I challenge you to stop and consider investing in some professional photography for your business instead.

For your viewing pleasure here is a collection of some completely unusable stock photos.