If you think that unforgettable red and white cursive writing of the Coca Cola brand hasn’t changed since it’s inception way back when, then you couldn’t be more wrong.

Remember when that game ‘LOGO Quiz’ was popular? You were given a logo, or a portion of a logo, and you had to guess the brand or company. The Coca Cola logo was always one of the easiest, in level one or the ‘test’ version. Who wouldn’t automatically recognise that red and white scribble?

While you might think that white cursive writing on a bright red background has been the same Coca Cola logo since the secret recipe was created in 1886, the truth is this logo has seen more outfit changes than a Katy Perry concert.

From slight tilts and adjustments to dramatic short-term phases, the Coca Cola logo isn’t afraid to try something a little different. The same should be said for your business’ logo and branding.

Don’t get me wrong, I will gladly shout consistency’s praises from the rooftop, however I would also argue that keeping an old, tired logo around for fear of change could be just as harmful to your business.

Adding a new dimension to your branding, changing your font or updating your logo could be the simple change that your business needs to reignite client interests.

While your logo or branding might be recognisable after decades of business, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t do with an update or refresh, like the Coca Cola logo, many, many times over. Take a leaf out of the marketing plan of one of the most globally recognised brands.