Spring cleaning isn’t something that should be restricted to the home.

As a kid I always thought spring cleaning was a term coined by my mum, a made-up excuse that meant my toy collection was about to be cut in half, or that I would have to remove the sun-faded posters plastering my bedroom walls.

As I got older I associated the term with the time of year when you thought the paint colour you decided on last spring, and swore would never date, was now too dull and needed to be repainted immediately, you wore shorts when it was still bitterly cold but the sun was out meaning your pasty pins should also be out, and you fought with yourself over how this was the fourth winter that you didn’t wear those jeans but you still weren’t sure if you could part with them.

Spring cleaning should reach beyond the home, beyond dealing with that chair you swore you would one day reupholster and those boxes that haven’t been unpacked since you moved house, two years ago. Regular spring cleaning within the workplace is just as important to ensure a clear mind and productive working space.

An untidy or cluttered workspace can be disrupting to daily tasks, productivity and office functionality. This clutter can cause anxiety at the thought of being overwhelmed by an unorganised space, not only for the creator of the mess but also those who share the office space. Untidiness can distract from the job and can create a stressful situation at the thought of having lost important documents in the rubbish piles that your desk resembles.

Being the opposite of a hoarder, I love spring cleaning. I love the feeling of getting rid of the old to make way for the new. I love seeing the overflowing garbage bins being emptied after the first free weekend in September. I love decluttering to make you feel like you are in control of your life.

It is the same in the office. Once a year I dedicate time to reassess, realign and declutter my inboxes, recycle as many paper documents that I possibly can, and throw away all those dried up highlighters and that lunch that was forgotten about in the fridge that could now be mistaken for a science experiment. Because cleaning, tidying and organising is a great way to make a change, and we all know that a change is as good as a holiday.