My last lot of low cost tips to help boost productivity for small businesses are some general wellbeing words of advice to help keep staff performing at their best!

  1. COUNT YOUR ZZZZ’S! How many hours sleep do you and your employees get a night? You’ve probably heard a lot of reports indicating 7-8 hours is optimum. However according to Jawbone (who analysed over 80 million hours of sleep!), if you want employees to wake up in the best mood, they need to be getting between 8 and 9.5 hours sleep per night. Apparently skimping on a full night’s sleep by even as little as 20 minutes can affect performance and memory the next day. So for the sake of your workplace perhaps it’s time to encourage your staff to get to bed early!

  1. DRINK MORE WATER! Research has shown that drinking enough water can increase productivity by up to 14%, so how much is enough? While there’s no hard and fast rule, most studies recommend around 2 litres per day for women (9 cups) and 3 litres per day for men (13 cups). Water is essential for good health and relieves dehydration which saps the body of energy and leaves you feeling tired. Also, drinking a glass of water first thing in the morning helps to expand grey matter in the brain, which helps you to focus more clearly and stay on task! So whether you can invest in a water cooler at work, fill up a jug to keep cool water in the fridge or just buy your staff a glass for Christmas, it’s time to encourage them to get on the water train!

  1. GET A SHOT! Whilst we’re heading out the other side of the cold weather and the associated colds and illnesses it tends to bring, it’s worth considering flu shots for your staff ahead of next winter. For a relatively low cost compared to staff absenteeism, you could vaccinate your team (providing they agree of course!) and keep everyone present at work, which has got to be a good step forward for your bottom line!

By Liz Fowler