How do you stack up online???

By 23/09/2013September 10th, 2015Business, Marketing, Social Media

They say that it only takes 30 seconds to form an opinion of someone when you first meet. Online, it’s probably even a harsher reality – like one post, one tweet, or eeek, one Google search!

In this digital age, our first impressions of business are often formed by an online search, so it’s important to make sure you’re well exposed and have spent time managing your representation.

What do you think of me already? Judging by my language, my tone, my humour, if you’re picturing a mid 30 year old brunette of medium height with big heels and a bigger fringe…then you’d be right!

Similarly, when someone Googles your business name, you want them to be able to a. find you, and b. like what they see!

Some key points to help manage your online reputation:

Fill in your profile! It’s important to complete all the sections in each of your social media and online profiles as these will help form your reputation online. There’s nothing more frustrating than Googling a business and finding their information incomplete!!

People form opinions about you or your business by the way you appear online – so invest in your online appearance! Ensure your brand is consistent across all platforms so that people get the same message no matter where they’re looking.

Take the time to think about your online language. While some platforms call for a more relaxed style of conversation, your messaging should still be the same. You can change your tone without changing your message, and that way you keep your brand consistent and don’t confuse your audience!

FREQUENCY!! In order to engage with your online audience and build your reputation you must be a part of the online world regularly! Set aside time every day to respond, post, pin, share, tweet or upload – that way you’re across all comments as they come to light and you can respond accordingly. If things are left idle with no response you could do serious damage to your credibility.

And further to the first dot point, the dreaded ‘S’ word….SEO! Search engine optimisation will help to ensure that you get maximum exposure. You know your business and what you want it to be recognised for, so make sure you use these key words (or meta tags) throughout your website.

As Hunter S Thompson said, ‘Anything worth doing, is worth doing right’. I know we’re all time poor, but for the sake of your longevity, find the time to commit to your online reputation!