How many times have you heard the old adage – your staff are your greatest asset? How true does that ring for your business?

Do you have loyal, hard workers or are your employees a bit slack with little drive? It might seem simple, but here are a couple of small tips I find help improve your bottom line with minimal dollar output:

  1. My sister has been banging on about this for the last few years after focussing her Master’s degree on positive psychology. Show your staff how much you value their work/input and you will find that their feeling of worth and value will increase. This in turn will increase their output and efficiencies and improve your bottom line. A couple of simple ways to do this on a regular basis:

  • Acknowledge them in your next staff meeting for the great work they’ve been doing

  • Drop them an email to say thanks for handing in that proposal early

  • Send them a text thanking them for staying 10 minutes later to get the job done on time

Take it a step further when they do something really great and thank them with a coffee, dinner or movie voucher. All fairly low cost items (especially in comparison to turnover costs when staff leave) that make a big impact!

  1. How ‘well’ are you and your staff? Are you losing money in sick day payouts? According to WorkSafe Australia:

  • The healthiest Australian employees are almost three times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues

  • Productivity gains of up to 15% can be achieved by upgrading the workplace environment

  • Stress-related claims cost Australian business more that $200 million annually

  • Absenteeism due to sickness is costing Australian businesses $7 billion annually, or roughly $1,000 per employee per year

  • Stress-related absenteeism and presenteeism directly costs Australian employers $10.11 billion a year

If any of this rings true for your business, perhaps it’s time to implement a Health & Wellbeing program! We introduced one at o2 Media about two years ago, and the results have been fantastic! You can tailor the activities to suit your available resources, with plenty of zero or minimal tactics that can have a huge impact. Don’t know where to start? Check out this great template to use.

  1. Perhaps the cheapest and most simple tactic you can implement immediately that can have a positive effect on your productivity. Smiling (even forced smiling!) releases endorphins which makes you feel better and can relieve stress, helping you work more efficiently. Here are a few more benefits to smiling:

  • It boosts your immune system

  • Improves your mood

  • Makes other people smile, and

  • It’s easier than frowning!

So go on, show us your pearly whites, and have a great day!

By Liz Fowler