Ah, work experience … A beneficial week which narrows career choices for many secondary school students.

As a Year 10 student interested in journalism, I was eager to commence my week at o2 Media to see if this occupation was right for me.

As I walked into the headquarters of o2 Media, I stood in awe. The interior design was amazing, complete with bold, classy, white furniture adorned with bright pops of aqua blue, exhibited in binders to business cards and peacock feathers to pot plants. Let’s just say Karen (the nicest boss, who could easily change her career path to interior decorating) knew how to destroy the stereotypical appearance of offices.

After Jody (my personal tour guide and graphic designer by trade, who also makes delicious hot chocolates) introduced me to the wonderful staff and showed me around, I was assigned work. While most may sigh, I was excited. Within my first day I composed the monthly diary entry for SouthWest Biz, a business magazine locally distributed around the Warrnambool region. Once completed, I condensed two media releases and began an editorial. As they say, ‘no rest for the wicked’!

The rest of the week saw me finish the editorial, write another diary entry, address over 250 letters by hand and write this reflection. While I must admit I did not particularly enjoy addressing the letters, it did improve my time management and harness procrastination, which is important for both the field of journalism and in life.

I truly believe that if you give work experience your best shot and have a positive mindset you can get a real kick out of it. My time spent at o2Media has proven that I have a passion for journalism, and it is the right profession for me.

Thanks to Karen and the fantastic staff (Jenni, Karryn, Liz, Jody, Amy, Dan, Julia and Chris) at o2 Media for having me and dealing with any concerns and queries that I had. Your feedback and insight has been extremely helpful and I will take it on board for the rest of my life. You have made work experience one heck of an enjoyable time and without going to o2 Media, I would still be unsure about what I want to do in the future.

Enjoy the brownies!

Sarah Zerbe.