Building a brand takes time and commitment. It won’t happen overnight, but with daily effort, you’ll soon have a bankable brand.

In fact, let’s consider for a moment that your brand is a bank into which you can make daily deposits.

These daily deposits will help to build your “brand equity”. That is, they will help you to build a brand with genuine, saleable value.

Sunday evening will always roll around. You can either be reflecting upon a week in which you made a daily brand deposit… or you didn’t.

Daily brand deposits for the week ahead

Monday – Clarify your brand values

What are your non-negotiable values in business? How do you conduct yourself in your dealings with your customers and clients? What do you want to be famous for?

Spend some time today writing down your business values and the ways you do things.

Tuesday – Keep in touch

People buy from people they know and trust. Keeping in touch with your customers or clients will help to build that trustful, respectful relationship.

Tips for keeping in touch:

  • Publish an ezine or newsletter (ensuring the content is highly valuable to your target audiences)

  • Send on interesting articles

  • Send a handwritten thankyou card

  • Take them out for coffee

  • Send a coffee to them

  • Hold a networking event

  • Attend a networking event

  • Comment on blogs

  • Engage on social media

  • Congratulate them on an achievement or milestone

  • Send a free product sample

Wednesday – Write a blog

It may seem counter-intuitive, but giving away your knowledge for free is a powerful brand-builder.

Your task today is to establish yourself as an industry expert by writing and publishing a blog post containing content that is highly valuable to your target customers.

And whilst you’re at it, take a moment to leave a comment on somebody else’s blog post! (Feel free to comment below!)

Thursday – Get networked

Time to get out from behind that desk or counter to massage your networks! Explore or create your own networking opportunities in your community.

Networking opportunities:

  • Chambers of Commerce or industry bodies

  • Service clubs

  • Sporting clubs

  • Events or parties

  • Start a lunchtime walking group in your neighbourhood

  • Professional development or training

  • Invite a group of people to lunch

  • Hold after work drinks to which you invite a select group of your clients (and consider inviting them to bring a friend)

  • Conduct a training workshop

  • Join a fitness group

Friday – Celebrate your successes

It’s important to take time out with your team or your business/life partner/s to celebrate the week that was. Reflect on and celebrate all of your wins this week, no matter how small. It will keep you energised and focused on your end goals.

Saturday – Learn something new

There are opportunities for you to learn something new everywhere. Whether it’s the weekend papers, industry journals, books or online research, the options for learning are limitless!

Sunday – Rest and rejuvenate

Switch off from your business entirely today. Spend time with family and friends or get out into nature. This day out will be a great investment in your brand as you’ll need all your energy for the busy week of brand building ahead!