Want to reach double figure likes on your Facebook post? Make sure you schedule your lunch for the most “likeable” time.

Social media is an extremely resourceful marketing tool for businesses in today’s market, allowing them to connect freely with the community.

Social media awareness has increased dramatically in the last 12 years. Sugar Spun Marketing explains that in 2005 only 8 percent of adult Internet users were using social networking sites. That number skyrocketed to 72 percent in 2013. This dramatic growth is why so many businesses have made the move to social media in an effort to promote their business.

If done correctly, posting on social media can result in huge benefits for your business. Posting at the right time and on the right networking site is one way to ensure that online posting receives the most views and interactions.

Analytics expert, Neil Patel has gathered data, and shared it on QuickSprout, expressing the right time to post on a number of different social networking sites. When posting on Facebook, the most common networking site, the best days are Thursday or Friday, between 1-3pm. This could possibly be due to procrastination from 9-5 employees, hanging out for the weekend.

Twitter is a little more complex. On twitter, when a business connects with another business it is best to do so on a weekday, at either 12pm, when people are on their lunch breaks or 6pm, at the end of the work day. However, if connecting with consumers it is best for a business to tweet on a Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday, again at 12pm or 6 pm.

By using suggested times and networking sites, your business could see a rapid growth in awareness. Why wouldn’t you give it a go?

By Matt McNally