The days of writing a To Do list on a piece of paper, carrying it around and crossing off (or ticking a box if you’re that way inclined) items as you complete them, are dwindling.

There are literally hundreds of apps that manage your tasks, time and workload these days. Lifehacker has even complied a list of the best five to-do list managers. Your computer can now sync to your iPad (or tablet if you are that way inclined) that can sync to your phone that can sync to your car. The creators of the Jetsons weren’t far off in thinking we’ll all be relying on household robots and flying cars that fold up in to your briefcase (or satchel if you’re that way inclined) by 2062.

Technology has been increasing our productivity, and decreasing our workload since the creation of the humble calculator. But we’ve come a long way since then and here are a few programs we use in the office to make our life easier:

Google Docs – I probably speak about Google Docs way too much for someone who isn’t employed as a promo girl for Google, but in my defense they really did change my life. Being able to not only access the same documents as multiple other people at the same, but also to have multiple people’s edits appear simultaneously was the best solution to those ‘this document is locked for editing by another user’ warning boxes that make you roll your eyes and grit your teeth.

Dropbox – A Google version of this exists but the subtle baby blue tones and light greys of Dropbox can’t be beat. A file sharing program that gives you the capability to share large files, images and videos with whomever you choose is the best solution to those ‘file is too large for destination file system’ warnings that make you want to throw your computer and it’s inabilities across the room.

Smartsheet – A combination of Google Docs and a high tech To-Do list, Smartsheet can be shared, edited and updated by those you share it with. You can give responsibilities and have the satisfaction of crossing of those completed tasks. The best solution to any previous shared To-Do lists, ever.

Who knows what tomorrow’s Mark Zuckerbergs and Bill Gates’ will come up with in the future, but until I can send my equally capable clone to work while I stay in bed watching Netflix, applications such as Google Docs, Dropbox and Smartsheet are the next best thing.